Friday, February 10, 2012

Southern Ham Dinner

I have been thinking about this for a bit and have had several suggestions from my daughter. She suggested I write about the Quiche that I make but it's not really comfort food. Ham and Beans was another suggestion but I assume that everyone knows how to make tasty Ham and Beans. I was thinking about something that is warming when you come in from the cold and it is going to be cold tomorrow.
Therefore I'm going to write about something I used to make when I lived in Kentucky, Indiana and Alabama too, come to think of it.

Southern Ham Dinner

  • 1 large Skillet with lid
  • 1 good sized Ham Slice. [Cooks or Fricks is good]
  • 2 heaping Tbs. Bacon Fat. [yes, you'll live with this much]
  • Couple of whole cloves smashed into each side of the Ham
Melt the fat in the skillet on very low heat. Lay the Ham Slice in the skillet and cover with lid. Cook very very slowly until heated through. It will be tender and moist after about 10 minutes total. Ham slices are already cooked so you just want to warm them. I usually have prepared Grits with salt and butter to go with this.

When the Ham is done and warmed through NOT FRIED, remove to platter and make a milk gravy.
If there isn't enough fat in the pan add a little more. [you can do it] Remove from heat and stir in about 1/4 C Flour, stir around then add about 1C milk, stir and return to the heat. Cook to the thickness that you like. You may need to add more Milk but you have to look at it and test it yourself. Salt and Pepper to taste of course. Serve with Biscuits, or Potatoes. My family liked Ham, Grits, Gravy, Green Beans and Biscuits. Sometimes I would open a can of Black Eyed Peas and season with Bacon and heat. The Black Eyed Peas were always Ellen's favorite.

This is a cheap meal and good too. Hope you and your family will enjoy it.

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