Friday, April 20, 2012

A Few Ideas For Leftovers and a Cake

Been doing a little bit more cooking lately and my sister was asking if I had ever posted anything about leftovers. I know when you have boys or men who are hungry there just isn't anything left over. We do have meat that is sometimes left over and I make meals out of Chicken or Beef at little cost. I did this when my husband was living and kids were at home.  One of the things I make is Chicken Pot Pie [Daughters favorite]or Beef Pot Pie depending on what I have left. If you have gravy left from your Roast Chicken or Roast Beef and some chicken and beef left over too, you will have a hearty meal. I always just heat some mixed Vegetables or just whatever you have. [Not Broccoli because it will disintegrate and be horrible.]Heat the gravy in the microwave. You will have to add a little water to it so it isn't so thick. Add the chopped Chicken or Beef and the warmed Vegetables. Pour into an unbaked pie shell. Top it with crust and there you have a Pot Pie.  I have made either in a casserole dish or in an iron skillet. No Pie Crust needed if you are short on time and the kids are around your ankles and starved. Just top with biscuits instead of crust. Bake at about 375 until the biscuits are brown and done. Yummy in the gravy and super simple and fast.

A couple of other things I wanted to show you and mention. Duncan & I made a beautiful Angle Food Cake this week. I always make cakes with Duncan, Hines that is. If you follow the recipe it is so simple and it makes a great cake. Bigger and lighter than the ones already made at the grocery store.[blah] I think better than Bettys or that dough boy guy.  Just be sure that your mixing bowl is clean and your Angle Food Cake pan is grease free and clean. So simple and it takes about 3 minutes to stir up. It's good covered in Strawberries & Cool Whip. I sometimes make a Lemon or Orange Glaze for it. You can also get some Cool Whip and add a little bit of Cocoa powder to it and have Chocolate Whipped Cream. There is also Cinnamon or Mint Extract and a little Green Food Coloring. You have fancy and it took no time at all.

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